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Our Story

HappyJewelrySupplies started with a love of parcel and a little idea! Since 2009, we started our business from ESTY to providing high quality jewelry findings supplies and custom jewelry for all people who love handmade. Lucky, we found our future pathway and direction for our goal which is working and supplying on 110% HAPPY SATISFACTION on every jewelry purchase.

We are working hard every day, that’s why we spent every minute in day time in our little studio and work out pretty of idea and lovely designs every day along. We created large range of handmade products, also we provide custom order service to our customer, customer can choose the unique items from our store, and it would not appear at somewhere else.

On the other hand, unlike common generic jewelry available elsewhere, our stainless steel and metal jewelry series are making of minds by our design team in order to make beautiful and stylish for each unique customer. With hundreds and thousands of jewelry design idea overflowing in our store, you are sure to find the perfect pieces to satisfy your style and needs.

Last but not leaset, we design different interesting stamps for all occasions, special moment for our customer. In addition to custom stamps, we also provide different kinds of wedding or party favor and decoration to stay love.

From friendly conversations, compliments and appreciations of all of our customers, we found love, happiness, and satisfaction which are energy to support and drive us to walk through the tough but enjoyable startup period, and it makes us to recall the most important and essential part for running our business finally, which is “WE INDEED LOVE JEWELRY”.

Happy Jewelry Supplies Team