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Care instructions


We believe that knowing how to properly care for your personalized jewelry, which will make all the difference in maintaining its luster so you can wear it for years and years. Here, we provide you with the basic care instructions you need to ensure your monogram necklace or engraved accessory stays looking like new no matter how long ago you purchased it!

Basic Guidelines for Caring for Jewelry at Home

Everyone wears some kind of jewelry every single day. But not many people realize what it takes to preserve their jewelry and keep it looking new no matter how long ago it was purchased. Here are a few simple instructions to keep in mind when you wear personalized jewelry, no matter if it is solid gold necklace or a gold plated one, or even a sterling silver bracelet!

Put on your jewelry AFTER applying your makeup. Lotions, hairspray, and certain cosmetics have chemicals in it that can cause damage to jewelry, such as tarnishing. By putting on jewelry after putting on makeup, you limit your jewelry's exposure to the chemicals.

Do not wear jewelry while cleaning. The truth is that this is a “big no-no”. Like makeup, cleaning supplies contain chemicals that, if it comes in contact with jewelry, will diminish the sheen of the jewelry accessory.

Jewelry and pools don't mix. In the summer, we all love to take a dip in the pool or relax in a nice jacuzzi, just make sure you take your jewelry off first! Chlorinated water damages the metal in jewelry, causing damage and color change.

Take off jewelry before showering. The chemicals in your soaps and shampoos cause a film to form over your jewelry, dulling the sheen and making your jewelry seem dingy.

Properly store your jewelry. Keep your jewelry organized and it will stay pristine! Jewelry should be stored in a container, any jewelry box with a felt lining would work. You can even line a shoebox with fabric pieces for a DIY result. It is good to also invest in anti-tarnish strips to put inside your container to absorb tarnish-causing oxidants.

Cleaning Your Gold & Silver Personalized Necklaces

Eventually jewelry will tarnish, but learning how to prevent tarnish from occurring is the best thing you can do for the longevity of your jewelry. The more proactive you are at caring for your jewelry, the longer it will stay with you.

We recommend that you remove fingerprints, oils, and any other accumulation daily with a soft cleaning cloth. At least once a week, it is best to do a thorough cleaning of your jewelry. It is quite simple to do - mix 1/2 cup of warm water with a small amount of a mild liquid soap, and let your jewelry soak for three minutes. Remove, rinse with clean water, and dry completely!

For all sterling silver jewelry, it is best to invest in a silver polish. Go with top brands, such as Twinkle Silver Cream, or Hagerty Company, to ensure your jewelry shines. Some inferior brands are not as good and can be quite abrasive and cause scratches on jewelry. You can find these items anywhere in supermarkets and jewelry stores!

Be sure to take care of your personalized jewelry and you will never be a day without it!